Hey, my blog is basically a huge mumbo jumbo mess of everything. i have some sad things, some funny and anything else you want. if you need anything i dont care if your a stranger, send me a message and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. whether you really need to talk or you just want to say hi i would love a message.

so my friend took this photo before she went through a hard time and wanted to restart. I managed to get her to save me some of her work before she burned it all. i just think she’s awesome and want to share this so she can see how awesome she really is.
IF i can get 1000 notes on this im gonna see if i can get her to start drawing again. please share this around so she will continue with her talent and so i can prove that she is amazing


98% of my life is ????? with a little ¿¿¿¿¿

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homosexuals think they have a sense of fashion but they are tragically mistaken. 

Right because you and your Walgreens glasses scream fashionista


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my life is a joke and i’m not laughing anymore

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He’s still not over the joke I made when we were texting each other during the oscars.


i have hit rock bottom and its only tuesday

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